FX 5600 ultra problem

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by cky, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. cky

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    i just bought a fx 5600 ultra and when i start up i get this


    ive switched power cables to the card, tried different drivers wtf...

    im running..

    Asus A7n8x deluxe
    768 Crucial ddr pc2700
    amd xp 2500+ barton
    430watt antec psu
    fx5600 ultra

    WinXP home
    and now Nvidia 53.03 drivers..

    any idea?
  2. LeeJend

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    Your power supply could be too wimpy.

    What rating and brand is it? That system needs 350W at least with a good name brand power supply (antec, enlight, etc). A cheaper generic or off name brand at least 400W and atht is still no guarantee of adequate power.

    You should be able to check the voltages in bios but that will be under very light load. Make sure the % volts is at or above 5 v and the 12v is at or above 12v.

    Biggest problem these days is the 5V can't supply enough amps. Everything is beingloaded on the 5V supply taht used to use 12V.

    Get a copy of Sisoft Sandra (free version) and check while actually doing something (moving a big file from one sdisk to another, burning a cd etc.).

    For a quick experiment drop the ram to 384 or 512, disconnect the second HD and the second CD drive. See if the warning goes away. If it does invest in a decent power supply Antec/Enlight 380W or higher.

    PS - Just noticed you have a PNY card. It could be the card. If the voltages look ok and lowering the load doesn't help you got a bum card. If you do return it consider another brand. PNY has a higher than average problem rate.

    If it is the card post again asking for GE4 5600 Ultra brand recommendations. I've had problems with Gainward but many others like them. Stay away from MSI (sloppy assembly leading to faults). Xtasy is iff'y. The Powercolor cards I've seen have been very well built.
  3. cky

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    i have an Antec Truepower 430watt.. where exactly in bios would i check the voltages..(sorry im a nub when it comes to bios things..)


    +3.3v = 3.29
    +5v = 4.94
    +12v = 11.96 - 12.03
  4. Sazar

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    it seems that the card is not receiving power for whatever reason...

    consider trying the card out in another machine and see if it works...

    from the sounds of it the card may be faulty... but its best to check out your options first..