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    i would like to know why my computer searches the floppy drive as soon windows xp has started. and sometimes it happens when i go on the net. does anyone really know why this happens or what the problem is?
    i have another harddrive(windows 98) it works fine on there

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    well, i guess i have the solution for this problem..just go to your bios (in my pc i have to hit del to enter it), and go to the menu of bios setup or somethin, or just keep on checking for an option called "Boot up floppy seek". Turn this off, and it should solve it. Or, go to your boot sequence, and alter the sequence to c:, floppy, and any other (like cdrom) in third place.
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    If the bios is set to look for a floppy on boot up it will, see if for some reason your harddrive fails to load your machine could be booted from a floppy if I were you I would set it to read
    1: hardrive

    this way it will catch the hardrive firstand makes booting up faster ............ to enter the bios you need to either hit delete as your machine is booting up before the winxp logon screen or F1 depends on your machine ........... after that look for startup options or anything that looks like it ie bootup options .......:cool:
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    Disable the following service: Shell Hardware Detection.
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    Another thing to check is where you last saved a download or where your recent documents are. If you read something from a floppy and it's still in your recent documents list XP will access your floppy. Also if you saved a download directly to a floppy then you may have XP check your floppy when you connect to the Net.
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    Do you use Norton AV? I think it checks floppy drive on startup also
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    Re: yes

    But if you totally screw up windows and ur hard drive still boots, you're screwed.