Fujifilm digi camera problems

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by duane, Dec 9, 2001.

  1. duane

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    I am running XP and have a fujifilm finpix 1300 which is connected via USB. It appears as a USB mass staoge device as the "F" drive when connected. It has worked fine until this week when it wont show up om "my computer".
    It appears in device manager and it says it is working fin but I cant uninstall the drivers etc as this utility stops responding and for some reason system restore will not work either.

    Anybody got any ideas


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  3. duane

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    thanks the fuji link did the business

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    i have a fujifilm finepix 2800z and found the installation cd (which is xp compatible) to be more than annoying.
    too much unecessary software gets installed. i ended up using system restore to go back and haven't used the cd since. xp manages the camera just fine by itself without all the clutter.
    just for your information..........:D
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    Forget any 3rd party drivers. You dont need them.
    I have the finpix 2200.

    Just plug it in and use XPs drivers!! It fires up a wizard and thats it job done - even asks you if you want to clear your camera after putting them on your HD

    K :p