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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Plexapotamus, Sep 2, 2002.

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    Hey everyone,
    I just need a bit of info.
    I'm running BlackMoon FTP Server on my computer
    and I also have Norton Personal Firewall.
    When I configure my ftp server through Norton to specify
    which ports to allow, I chose port 21 on my local host.
    But in testing this norton pops up with a msg saying that
    my FTP server is trying to access "server port *(random #)*".
    This confuses me somewhat, my ftp server is supposed to be running on port 21, but it needs other local ports too... ???
    So my only solution is to configure my ftp server (in norton) to allow it to use all ports (there is no option in my ftp server to limit which LOCAL ports to use)
    Should this worry me, to have all these ports open?
    am I vulnerable to malicious attacks?
    Are there any other FTP server programs that would allow me limit which local ports can be used?

    Any help or general info on whats going on would be really appreaciated.

  2. koko

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    setting up an ftp for the first time is a major pain in the arse.

    however, i found this site to be extremely helpful. check it out.
  3. open_source

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    Port 21 is the port at which computers connect to your computer when using FTP. When your computer is sending out the requests it is not going to use the same port.
  4. koko

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    actually, you can specify which port to use as an ftp port, then inform your users to use that port in their client software. port 21 is simply the default port for ftp.

    remember, you have around 65,000 ports to choose from!
  5. open_source

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    You are correct. 21 is the default port. But if not using this port then you choose a port between 49152 and 65535.

    Assigned port #'s
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    Ahhh KoKo you remembered :)