FSB ram problems

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    :) :) Hi guys i was just going to ask a few questions about the BIOS i have raised the FSB and that seems to be fine but if you do raise the FSB too high i notice that your RAM does not seem to like it, and the strobes or something are too fast if you lower the timing things to 400, 400 being the default would this then mean i can raise the FSB more?

    Any help would be much appreciated guys:laugh:
    sorry about my descriptions of things i hope you can work out what i mean!

    AMD Athlon xp 2600+ Baton:)
    of course Award 6.00 pg BIOS
    9600 pro ATI card
    768mb of ddr 400:rolleyes:
    O and cant forget huge speakers, why you need to know? (you dont im just proud of them):lick:
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    Ummm your default FSB is suppose to be 333mhz on the XP2600 Barton. And at 400, that's the safest rating for those processors. Especially on a motherboard like yours.