FS: VisionTek Ti4600 128MB GPU

Discussion in 'Garage Sale' started by eton03, Nov 29, 2003.

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    I have a Ti4600 VisionTek 128MB video card I need to sell. Christmas funding. I recently parted out my PC. I have a new(er) Sony VAIO laptop that meets most of my gaming needs. Here are the complete specs :


    I also have pictures of the card itself if needed. I do not have the original box/instructions/CDs. To get the drivers goto Nvidias website and download the latest. Make me an (reasonable) offer.

    Thanks to all who look. eton

    BTW. Will ship Priority Mail FAST.
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    I have one of those i have been waiting since June to get back from Visiontek, the lifetime warranty is nice but my lifetime may end before i recieve it. I call every couple weeks and they say they hope to have cards to send out in a couple weeks, and ask if i want a 9600 pro to replace it(they now make nothing but ati cards) i say yes and thye then "check on it" and never have those either, no ati cards at an ati company lol. Needless to say im thinking of just buying something else. What are you looking to get ?