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Discussion in 'Garage Sale' started by Sazar, Mar 28, 2007.

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    Okies, I'm going to be putting my video card on the block, seeing if there is any interest :D

    I see x800xl's open box for about 90 some bucks so I will price it around there I guess.

    How's $75 sound?

    It is the full retail package with all the software, the remote control and all the dongles needed for FM and Tv Tuner capability, all drivers included.

    Also, the retail heatsink has been switched out for a Zalman VF700-cu, no extra charge for this and it has been seated using Arctic Silver 5.

    I'll post pictures a little later.

    Questions? Feel free to ask.

    This is the AGP version by the way :cool:

    I'll have to look up my Ebay user-profile to see what the heck my history is there, I think I only bought 2 items. I also have had transactions on this board with Xsivforce and Krux previously, you can check with them. I think Matt can also vouch for me :cool:


    Ebay userid == sazar99.
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