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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by gladner, Nov 12, 2003.

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    Hey everyone...
    I'm looking for a way to conect my headphones to the front of my computer. I found many products that will go into a 3.5" drive bay which is great, but they all have other stuff I don't need (USB, Firewire...). Does anyone know where I can get a product like these just for audio.

    So far the best candidate is this one:
    It's nice and all but my motherboard does not have a Firewire connector so the firewire port is useless and I refuse to have a fuctionless port (I am very anal about such things), but the USB ports would be nice to have.

    Please help me, I can't study while my brother is playing Call of Duty in the same room (this happens a lot and it makes me want to play more than do homework).
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    I don't think anyone sells anything like that I mean.... even tho your anal most people will see it like hey I can't use it but when the times comes for a new pc I will be able to. most people like more for there money, and considering if there was such a thing as u want it will prolly cost the same as one of the usb/firewire ones.

    just went looking around they all come with firewire and worse yet alot of them come with temp monitors and speed controls for fans and since you only want the earphone jack I say your anal ways are gonna keep you from buying one :) now if you want to add one in yourself you could get like a Y spliter for the one in the back of your pc and run it inside and to the front cut a little hole and mount it. But if you don't want to do that either then ya..... ur boned.
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    you said anal. hah. you and your anal ways. lol
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    thanks krux, it just really pisses me off that I can't find this part because all the computers at my school have them and no one knows where they come from. And what you said about being able to use it in my next pc makes a lot of sense, maybe I'll just bite the bullet and have a useless port
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    no problem, glad I could help you see the light :)
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    Why don't you just head down to your local Radio Shack (not supporting, just pick whatever electronics supply store you want). Pick up a flush mount Female 1/8 inch TRS jack, a male 1/8 inch TRS plug and a few feet of 3 conductor 22 ga. wire. Make a cable and mount the flush mount jack on an unused 3.5 bay panel.