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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by renakuajo, Oct 8, 2002.

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    Got this machine:


    was workin ok. i just open the case take out the old HD (bigfoot),

    put a new one (WD40g), put a new lan card and a new video(PCI) card; close the case connect everything power on went to bios to make boot from cd, save settings restart and then nothing happens i just got the logo of compaq(forgot to mention is a compaq) and just stay there.....i try to make it to boot from floppy and same thing just stay there......the thing is whats wrong any ideas?????? need to make it work u know is the wife's pc LOL
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    Try changing the jumper settings on the new hard drive to either cable select or master. You may also want to temporarily unplug any other drive (CD-ROM, ZIP, etc.) that uses the same cable as the hard drive. And check the basics, make sure the power cables and ide cables are not reversed and are inserted all the way. It's very hard to reverse a power cable, and bad things will happen if you manage to, I've reversed IDE cables before; doesn't cause damage, but it also won't work.

    One good rule of thumb is make sure that the colored wire on the cable (represents Pin 1) is closest to the power connector on the drive. On the mobo side of the cable, as long as you didn't unplug it, it should be connected properly; since everything worked before. Compaq does sometimes do goofy things on the way they design their mobos and the way and direction the cables attach to, if your cable has a missing hole in the plug, and there is a missing pin on the mobo, then it is keyed and will only go in one way.

    Since this is hanging on POST, it may be the hard drive at this point, and it may sometimes even prevent it from booting off of a floppy.
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    thanks kc7sbf
    but i found the problem: mobo dont support HD's bigger than 30GB!!!

    thanks anyway
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    Glad to be of assistance.

    That would have been my next reply if all of that didn't work. I started thinking about that after posting, but I never got around to editing it.
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    thats ok, i did all u said before chekin the post.......gladly on my pc i have 2 Hd and one of 40g & one of 23g. so i swap the 23 for the 40 and get everything running. now i have two 40g on in my pc :)

    and the wife's pc is running ok thanks
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    You could probably be able to get an overlay program for the hard drive. Then the mother board will recognize it. Of course if you want to keep the bigger one for yourself we will understand. :D