freezing xp, help quick

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dovere, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. Dovere

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    hey people, i need your help as soon as possible.

    my computer freezes, i hate it
  2. Dovere

    Dovere Guest

    help people, sorry, igore previous post

    people, i have xp home and it keeps freezing

    i have reformatted

    i have removed the partition

    i have added a new partition

    i have installed it again

    and it still freezes, and no particular point, but just in general

    please respond to this as soon as possible, i have a box coming from best buy tommorow to have them fix it, but i desperately need a computer for finals, so if any of you could help me i would appreciate so much. thanks, any or all suggestions, downloads, or tweaks:eek:
  3. Lithium

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    ill go step by step for ya

    step 1. get baseball bat
    step 2. get in front of computer
    step 3. wait
    step 4. wait some more
    step 5. if computer freezes by now hit with bat
    step 6. go buy new computer
  4. Jewelzz

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  5. Hipster Doofus

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    You will have to list your system specs piece by piece. Then describe the freezing. Is it at startup? When you open an app? What programs are loaded, etc.
  6. Dimoe

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    I think Lithium's procedure was thorough enough...
  7. Zedric

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    Without any info except "freezing" there's nothing we can do except guess wildly. Or suggest the bat method.
  8. Sux541512

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    If u have a suck ass computer than it is that but if it is able to support WINBLOWZ then it might be ur proccesor fan it could be dead and over heating the proccesor but it might not.
  9. Teddy

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    I think i know what he mean...i experienced the same problem a while solution: to upgrade my RAM from 256mb to 512mb. Fixed it perfectly.

    My guess is that you are running 256mb of RAM or less, yes?
  10. rettahc

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    I've never used a bat, though I have kicked in the front of a computer before.