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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by fatboy, Jun 13, 2002.

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    Please help someone out there, I run two different op systems on my computer (win me and xp) on both i suffer from the computer freezing in various applications from downloading, playing games and just logging on to various applications. The only way to get out of this is to reset the system. This may happen a couple of times a day or some days it doesn't do it at all

    Any ideas Pleaseeeeeee :mad:
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    mine did that too...

    Hey - I had a similar problem to you - crash after a while of playing MOHAA... I believe mine was attributed to too much heat - I now play with the side of the case open and have had no lockups... I have a new fan/heatsink on the way too... check your temps in your bios at startup and let it idle there for a while and see if they go up... You may have a crap heatsink and fan on your motherboard like i do... also, make sure you have a couple of other fans blowing air out of your case. Check some of the other forums on heat as they discuss what temps are too hot etc... mine gets up to 70C which is super hot....

    good luck
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    It could well be heat-related. Just leaving it idle on the BIOS screen won't make the temperature go up much though, the big heat is created when you run real power-suckers like high-end games and apps. More CPU used = More heat generated.
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    Thanks for the response regarding my problem, but I have a bit of software which is on the taskbar which tells me the temperature of the motherboard and cpu, and these according to the read outs are 43 to 46 degrees and never go above this.

    Also I don't think it's heat because sometimes it locks up when it loads after being stood.
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    Bad ram?
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    Bad ram ??? is there a way of telling ??? or is it
    a case of changing it ??