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    I've tried this program in win95 and 98 and it works well but IMHO don't think it's really necessary in xp which has fairly good memory management already.
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    this program can only slow down the xp os.

    every bit of tam that is not in use is free in xp

    these programs actually take ram that is being used, and take it out of use

    for no reason whatsoever, but to put a bigger number on the available ram figure
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    Personal experience, XP has a great RAM manager already built in. When my RAM usuage reaches 80% (used) XP will do a little cleaning and it will go down to ~25% (used). I stay away from such applications for the same reasons dealer mentioned. When XP does it on its own, there is NO slow down, and no hang up.
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    I agree with everyone, but I must say the _one_ time an application like this can be useful is if you have a computer setup with low RAM (256MB or less) and are trying to play a graphically intensive game like Morrowind at high resolution (starting from 1024 res and above).

    I know thats alot of ifs and not many games are as demanding in quite the same way as Morrowind (the game system loads areas into memory and keeps old areas in memory until a certain cache point) but left to its own devices XP can suck itself into a Memory Quagmire and condemn the computer to 10 mins of disk thrashing after the texture memory gets full :D

    A memory program with a "Release memory after it gets X% full" property can help in this situation and stops a Memory Quagmire from occuring :)
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    well put Dublex :D

    I've been saying this for years

    Now with XP loading its own bloated core into RAM
    its makes more sense than ever to take control of paging

    this is only of any use when using memory intensive apps
    and high detail games

    under normal conditions a RAM optimiser will slow down your OS considerably