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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Jewelzz, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Jewelzz

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    Are there any good, free firewalls out there?

    I'm currently running through a router and don't use a firewall. But since my computer is the only one hooked up atm, I'd like to stop using the router but need a firewall. What are your suggestions? Mind you, I'm looking for something free or cheap :)
  2. Zone Alarm Free, Sygate Free?
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  3. if you're using windows xp, then you could try the one that comes with xp sp2
  4. xtweaker

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    Yup, like he said... I personally think that Windows XP SP2's Firewall beats ZoneAlarm... but that's a personal preference.

    The thing I like about it is hat you can really configure it down to the smallest details. You can lock out specific IP schemes or domains or devices, but best of all, it has a learning mode and you can add programs to the list of allowed applications, meaning you don't have to open port ranges (like you'd have to do on a router) in order to enable things like PASV mode on an FTP server... If the application runs, the ports are opened, if not, they are in stealth.

    If you want to test it out, go to and use the ShieldsUp! utility. You can probe your ports and it will tell you what is opened.

    If you need help to configure it, let me know, I know it very well.

  5. canadian_divx

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    the SP2 fierwall if set right can do a lot. also if you have possably a slow computer around like 150mhz and up with at least 12mb ram and a 1gb hdd you can make a really good firewall also with a small linux install called smoothwall. its really really simple to set up and it can do almost everything.
  6. falconguard

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    Sygate personal firewall
    it is free
  7. Johnny

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    The thing with the windows firewall is that you can't control how it works very well. It also don't give you monitoring .. The older zone alarm free firewalls were better than the newer ones.
  8. VenomXt

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    i think she wants to somewhat simplify things. while a linux firewall is bada*s it take longer to set it up than its worth to stop using the router.

    Why do you want to stop using the router btw jewelzz?
    Zone alarm is ok. Is black ice still around? i used to use it. (i just use a router with security set up now and windows firewall xsp2)
  9. sean.ferguson

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    Use the SP2 one if you just want to set one up and leave it. If you want one a little more customisable try kerio link
  10. jpom

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    Kerio is my vote too, first 30 days are trial then the Network Security (firewall) portion is free but you don't get the extra features like web blocking and system security.
  11. tdinc

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    I would go with Sygate personal firewall, in my professional opinion. for a free soft based firewall it does the job very well, i would stay away from zone alarm free & turn off the windows firewall, not very good. :)
  12. xtweaker

    xtweaker Tweaking Monkey

    Have you actually tried the NEW Xp Service Pack 2 Firewall?

    You can control how it works VERY well. Can you give some examples of what you can't do with it?

    also, you can enable logging on it if you want to monitor, which comes down to the same thing, but you just don't have a nice GUI that shows it to you in real time... Then again, he wants something simple, not something to put on a corporate network where admins need to check the logs and monitoring screens to troubleshoot network problems...
  13. Canadian_divx - I used to run a Smoothwall install on a spare computer, it's pretty cool, I liked it a lot, but then the machine fried. :(
  14. j79zlr

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    The SP2 firewall is the same as the pre-SP2 firewall. It doesn't give you nearly the functionality of a 3rd party FW. It really does no blocking of outgoing traffic, or monitoring of it. It blocks incoming traffic just fine. But you will never have it block WMP from sending personal information.

    @Jewelzz, I would keep the router and use a firewall on top of it, I do. You can't beat the NAT firewalling, but it doesn't allow you to block outgoing traffic, basically the same as the XP FW.

    BlackIce was mentioned in this thread, stay away from it. I would use Sygate, and do.
  15. X-Istence

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    First what i highlighted as bold:

    The person you are talking about is a female. Please, do me a small favor, before you post, LURK. You have only just joined, but from just reading prior posts you should have known that Jewelzz is our female admin here at

    Also, your posts sounds a lot like an attack, its forcefull. You did not have to do that. Also, by the sound of your post you have never used ZoneAlarm, as ZoneAlarm is not for the corporate networks, even if they wished it was used for that, as that would cause to many problems with random programs.

    For a good firewall, Windows SP2's built in one is inadeqaute. No outgoing is filtered, or checked, only incoming, and it is hidden, there is no real way to see what is going on, and why. Or what programs are trying to make an outgoing connection, and where they are trying to go. Windows XP's built in firewall does a good job at blocking incoming, but it is outgoing which also matters, and it matters a lot more than incoming, considering outgoing is how spam gets sent from zombie machines.

    Now for my personal choice of firewall? There are none i really like, but i'd put my money with Zone Alarm, as it is something i have worked with, and is quite effective. Only problem with it that i have found is that the network interface can allready be up and accepting network traffic, EVEN when the firewall is not loaded, so it gives other PC's on the network a small timeframe in which to possibly infect you. This is a problem with Windows XP's firewall as well, so it is not like it is new or anything.

  16. _kC_

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    even though you are only using one pc, youd probably still be better using the router for its first layer of security.. and sygate is probably the best free one...
    ditch xp's..

    i personally use my routers SPi firewall, and sygate pro to control outgoing

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  17. Lee

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    Well, if you want free, zone alarm is good, zone alarm pro with web filtering is better, I used Tiny many moons ago, don't know if it's free anymore, I have used on one machine zone alarm pro, my main machine I use NIS2005 currently, I am used to it and like it.

    So free would be zone alarm, subscription (payed for) NIS2005.
  18. j79zlr

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    I've seen Zone Alarm have about as bad of an effect on a system as Norton AV. It can cripple even fast PC's, and has a lot of compatability issues. I would stay clear of it and NIS as well.
  19. Perris Calderon

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    my vote for kerio also...the system security is stall available after the trial
    period...this is my favorite feature
  20. onimkron

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    Keiro is my favourite of the lot, although I used to use Sygate quite often, before switching to Zone Alarm when my computer could actually handle the software.

    Best bet would probably to try them all, and see which one you're most comfortable with. There's some very nice examples in these posts :)