Free cyber-beer to anyone who can solve these problems...

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Winter, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. Winter

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    Problem #1:
    I got my old copy of Tribes out, put the disc in and the autoplay screen popped up... I click on "Install", the screen disappears and then... nothing... I tried running setup straight off the cd but that didn't work either... I then give the 3-finger salute and check if setup is running in the background, which it is, but it's not using up any resources... has anyone gotten Tribes to work on XP?

    Problem #2:
    I have a retail version of Counterstrike currently updated to 1.5... however for some reason most of the time I play my sounds are backward... if someone on the screen is running to my left, I hear their footsteps on my right... as anyone who's played Counterstrike knows, sound can be a vital factor in this game, and it's really annoying when you can't tell which direction a person is coming from... by the way, sound is not backwards when I'm on the internet, listening to Winamp, etc... just CS... anyone have a solution(other than switching my speakers/headphones)?
  2. seeme

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    thanks for the offer. however I prefer Cyber Vodka..


    soz that i cant help u out on this issue.
  3. seeme you are right, vodka would be much better. and to your question Winter , try running your cd with tribes in compatibility mode for win98/me. u go to start>accesories, there run Program Compatibility Wizard and follow the programs instructions.
    as to problem number two, try going into game's audio settings and looking there
  4. Winter

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    No go with the compatability thing =( Damnit I wanna play Tribes!
  5. Stircrazy

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    hmm your speakers backwards? <--dumb question to ask self always

    and hmm for compatability try checking the xp game updated fixes for compatability i have no clue wich ones they fixed i just know ones i have aint broke lol
  6. madmain1

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    I've had the same probs with my older games but running the compatabilty thing helps sometimes.