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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by niteghost, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. niteghost

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    Must have done something really "dumb". I can't start XP Home now. I must have deleted some system files and XP is asking for it at startup.
    This is the error message that I got when Startup;

    Corrupted or missing File
    <Root Window >\system32\hal.dll
    Please copy missing file.

    apart from re-installing XP home, and I do NOT have the Recovery Disk, it is in my Partition D:\ Is theere anything I can do ??

    Please help and Thank You.
  2. cjdodd

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    Boot up from your XP CD, select recovery and then recovery console

    At the recovery console type scandisk /r i think it is and that will scan your windows install and replace any missing files
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  3. Xie

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    If you can get to a command prompt try " sfc /scannnow " .. it scans system files and replaces corrupt/missing ones.
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    This rang a bell, go here for more info
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    Very interesting article. I already know about HAL from my A+ studies (I'm sorry dave, I cannot do that) but its an informative link all the same - so I think you deserve +rep Lee

    Edit: Well, when I am allowed to. It says I must spread myself around a bit first in terms of rep.
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    No need for reps, got too many as it is. Thanks for your consideration.
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    Eh, you got one more from me for it.
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    Good advice in here. definitely making a note of this.
    the recovery console is something id like to learn more about

    thanks guys
    here come some reps
  9. bush dogg

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    Because you don't have access to any disks the only way I can think of "would be to install the drive in another system" and do the work from there.

    This is where copies of the Hal.dll file are

    XP (with no service pack)
    "windows\driver cache\i386\drivers" = hal.dll

    XP SP1
    "Windows \driver cache\i386\sp1" (looks like a file cabinet) = hal.dll

    XP SP2
    "Windows\driver cache\i386\sp2" (looks like a file cabinet) = hal.dll

    With the drive in the other system navigate to that drive to the location above (whatever one applys)

    Then copy the hal.dll file to a floppy or thumb drive (just so you have a copy)
    should work like copy and paste if I remember right.

    Now that you have a good copy you can replace the bad one while the drive is in the other system with no problem.