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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Dallas, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. Dallas

    Dallas Guest

    I have AMD Athalon 1.4 ecs motherboard, 256 DDR ,
    Ge Force 2 MX 400
    Problem :
    When I installed XP Pro my frame rates went way down ?
    I have all the latest Drivers XP Detonator..
    Dpn't know what to do..... Plz Help

    Thanku Dallas :D
  2. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    You do a upgrade install, or a clean install?

  3. madmatt

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    New York
    Clean install? Did you? Huh?
  4. Dallas

    Dallas Guest

    Sorry i waz away from key Board.
    But thx for quick response.
    I have reinstalled the detonator Drivers, and cured the fps prob but I did two things..... i disabled the nvidia tweaker... and then reinstalled the drivers.
  5. Dallas

    Dallas Guest

    So i don't actually know which fixed it .
    I waz getting 45fps before . Now I get 65\75... Can I get more ?
  6. Ice-Freezer

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  7. dijital

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    question: why would you want more fps? this is an open ended debate that will never end. i believe, its been said that the human eye can only see 60 fps anyways. correct me if i'm wrong.
  8. Zer0_[X]

    Zer0_[X] Guest

    nah human eye can see more than 60fps, either i've got super eyes or maybe im delusional :p

    i can notice the difference between 60 - 100 fps
  9. Scatt2K

    Scatt2K Guest

    maybe it isnt really 100fps that you are seeing. lets take coute strike for instance.

    when you pull up net graph that isnt your true fram rate. it is a representation of what the engine is shooting out. if you type time_refresh in the console you will see that your FPS is much higher. i actualy think that the fps that the net graph shows is all that the server is sending you as to why when lag apears your FPS goes down. call me stupid if you want but that is my story and Iam sticken to it.

    and about your frame rate problem buy a real card. something from Nvidia with TI in it or from ATI with a number above 8000
    That will surely fix your problem fixed mine. was only getting 150FPS in Quake 3 at 1280x1024 with my GF3 so i got an ATI 8500 radeon all inwonder and it went to 200 still wasnt happy though so i sold it to my friend for 100 buck and went GF4 4600 from MSI now i get 230 that makes me happy. no i cant really tell the differnce but hey i have bragging rights for only $350.
  10. Ice-Freezer

    Ice-Freezer Guest

    put on 800x600 16 120 hz
    now try 1600x 1200 16 75 hz
    tell me the difference
    human eye can see more then 60 fp/s or above 100 everything starts going fast like lightning
    stop complaining the more the better
  11. mbunny

    mbunny Guest

    Your eyes can't see more than 60fps???

    Lets see you use your computer all day at 60mhz refresh rate.... tell me your eyes don't hurt.

    Now try this at 75mhz... your eyes hurt less.... the higher... the better for your eyes.

    As for fps... theres no point getting an awesome video card when you are pretty much limited to the refresh rate of your monitor. screen tears suck =(
  12. Ice-Freezer

    Ice-Freezer Guest

    why dont you tell us wise guy
  13. Ice-Freezer

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  14. Zer0_[X]

    Zer0_[X] Guest

    bah i just can tell the difference aight :D