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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by john30uk, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. john30uk

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    Anyone know how to get rid of this fragment,i cant find a folder matching the name but did find a folder called WINDOWS/MINIDUMP with a file in it,i wonder is it safe to delete.
    I have disc scaned defraged disc clean-up etc but still bad.
  2. allan

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    Yes, it's safe to delete the minidump. As for the rest of your post I'm afraid I'm not sure what you are asking.
  3. chooch

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    If you mean the memory.dmp file, yes it could be deleted, this file usually is created when ever you get a memory dump blue screen.
  4. john30uk

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    Yes thanks i will delete the MINIDUMP
    But on the second reply yes my graphics card failed and a blue creen with the message NV_4 DISP came up and i know its not driver related and aslo know my card is on its way out,the blue creen said it was dumping my PHYSICAL MEMEORY to DISC so that why it a 512mb file in my note pad attachment ,but how do i find and delete it.
    Would a search be best?.
  5. allan

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    It's probably in the root of your boot drive, but if not sure, a search.

    You might want to go to System Properties - Advanced - Startup & Recovery Settings and change the setting for Write Debugging Information to NONE. This will prevent future dump writes.
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    Ok all thanks i will give it a go