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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PoLy, Feb 16, 2002.

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    I heard there is a way to get your fps (cl_showfps 1) to show frames over 100. At the moment it will sit at 100 and if u do a timerefresh it can go up to any frames your card can handle

    is there anyway i can get my HL/CS to show fps over 100 ?

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    the command you are looking for is fps_max eg: (no quotes)
    "fps_max 200"

    Personally, I would set it to 70 or something, as that is silky smooth. Setting it too high can cause uneven framerates (changing between 70-150 for eg.) which can put you off.

    That's why it is capped by default. I think it is capped at your refresh rate.

    Other things that I wouldn't recommend to get your fps up:
    disable vsync on opengl (assuming u run it on opengl)
    run the game in 60hz refresh rate.

    Again, I do NOT recommend you do any of the above. Only real purpose is so you can brag about fps.

    If you have a border-line system and actually need to speed the game up, I recommend you check out This tweak guide

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    i know about the fps_max shit but what i am looking for is how to get your net graph or your cl_showfps 1 to show over 100 frames

    my fsp_max is like on 999 so thats not the problem

  4. insaNity

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    you're getting 100 fps.

    there IS no problem.
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    well then y when u do a timerefresh u can get like 200fps for example when your cl_showfps 1 only says 100?
    i wanna get my sl_showfps 1 t show fps over 100

    understand now ? :)
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    HL only allows you to have 100 fps.