Found New Detonator XP 29.42

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by xontroulis, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. xontroulis

    xontroulis Guest

    I e-mailed the site for the news a few days ago but I think they don't consider it important news.

    Anyway NVchips-fr have the latest Drivers for nVidia based chipsets. These are Detonator XP v29.42 and are Microsoft certified.

    You can get them from : NVchips-fr

    Be careful not to download the Beta version as it co-exists in the same page.

    The certified drivers were on the right side of the page under the heading: Les derniers entrees and they are marked as WHQL.

    Click on the link and then on the new window click Telecharger which means download.


    Finaly , I don't think that this version of the drivers is compatible with the current versions of the refresh rate fix programs
  2. xontroulis

    xontroulis Guest

    These are OFFICIAL not the BETA that were anounced!!
  3. xontroulis

    xontroulis Guest

    Ok man

    Me Bad...very Bad....:confused:

    Sorry everybody...
  4. Biohazard

    Biohazard Guest

    i got them and cs still not working

    counter strike will not work under xp.
    even with the new drivers. but i love the game so tomorrow i'm going back to windows me

  5. bheagle

    bheagle Guest

    Personally I'd go back to 98 not ME, there has never been a worse operating system than ME...

    heck, I'd even choose 95 over ME.

    just a personal opinion I guess.
  6. petdevils

    petdevils Guest

    i had a look at the site too, did a translation and i think i would have to agree its not clear they are official, more likely they are beta, as was pointed out in the box on the left it is listed under "pilot beta's" and although it is listed again in the box on the right, that box is entitled "the last entries" so i think that is just a list of the most recent items posted on the site.... meaning its prolly just saying the beta was recently added.... personally i'm sticking to the previous one just incase :)
  7. petdevils

    petdevils Guest


    Hey are you just gonna install either 98/ME and keep Xp, and just boot into 98/ME when you wanna play CS?
  8. AyA

    AyA Guest

    the 23.12 drivers are still the fastest. im waiting for the 32.xx set, they are going to be amazing:)
  9. Skwowwy

    Skwowwy Guest

    I just downloaded 29.60 from :p I haven't installed them yet, but I'm going to do that soon.

    I'm currently using 29.42 (also from guru3d, before it got officially released), and it works nice. :)
  10. andy_rose

    andy_rose Moderator

    just installed the official 29.42 and so far so good:)
  11. Sfumato

    Sfumato Guest

    Dude your the biggest idiot I have seen troll a forum in a long time.

    GURU 3ds benchs:

    AquaMark Q3A 3D Mark 2001SE
    1. 23,12 22,80 23,12
    2 23,11 26,53 23,11
    3. 22,50 22,40 22,81
    4. 22,80 23,11 22,50
    5. 22,40 20,80 27,42
    6. 21,83 28,32 27,20
    7. 21,85 22,50 27,52
    8. 21,88 27,00 26,25
    9. 21,81 21,81 27,30
    10. 20,80 27,51 27,70

    We hope you found these charts useful and hope
  12. niabi

    niabi Guest

    Re: i got them and cs still not working

    What??? I been playing CS on XP for a while now, with no problems WHATSOEVER, so i am not sure your post is correct.

    but then again i stoped playing this game like 1 month ago because of the cheaters i am tired of them and its not fun to play againts them.
  13. zoyvod

    zoyvod Guest

    29.42 benchmarking

    Has anyone tested the new detonators?
    I had the 28.90 before with a 3d mark 2001 SE score of 9034
    (GF4 Ti 4600,Athlon 1400).I have 9022 with 29.42 ,almost the same but I thing that the performance in games such as morrowind is absolutely worse than the 28.90.What the heck..?
  14. ab11_99

    ab11_99 Guest

    Hi, just a quick question, is there a 29.80 WHQL certified version, becuaese this is what i have.
  15. Skwowwy

    Skwowwy Guest

    Yup, I got those drivers too. :p And it works like charm. :) *hugs the drivers* :D
  16. Skwowwy

    Skwowwy Guest

    What? Don't you look at me! *goes off with the drivers* :p
  17. Skwowwy

    Skwowwy Guest

    Like I was going to. :p


    And that means I didn't rape them. :p
  18. zoyvod

    zoyvod Guest

    So can anyone have a clue after all this "lovin drivers stuff" which is the fastest driver 28.32,28.90,29.42 or 29.80
  19. zoyvod

    zoyvod Guest

    If you mean my specs

    Athlon 1400
    GF4 ti 4600
    Win XP Pro
    512 MB DDR
    AMD 761 chipset
  20. zoyvod

    zoyvod Guest


    Another strange thing I've experienced
    With the 28.90 without the nv reffix I got 9137 3D mark 2001SE
    when I put the fix it dropped to 9032
    Any ideas?