Formatting Problems!!?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by eminem910, May 3, 2003.

  1. eminem910

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    Ok, I got 2 drives.. 120 gig drive(master) and a 45 gig drive(slave)..
    the 120 gig is divided into 2 partitions.. C: (112 gigs) and D:(6 gigs).. windows XP is on D: ... now..i'm having trouble starting it..and i think i need a format.. so i need to copy either C: or E: ..

    My main problem is.. in DOS only shows C: and D:... it doesnt show the 120 gig as a 2 partition drive..but as a 1 partition.. how can i fix this? (using xp custom bootdisk btw)
  2. eminem910

    eminem910 Guest

    reason this is a problem is.. i want to format my 6 gig partition..not the whole 120 gig drive..with a lot of files.. =(
  3. Un4gIvEn1

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    I will bet that you made them "Dynamic" disks. Dynamic disks are not viewable by any other operating system other than Windows XP/2000
  4. eminem910

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    beats me...what bootdisk should i use? my OS is windows xp.. but could i use a win2000 bootdisk?....since you say it supports dynamic disks which theoretically i have i guess
  5. yoyo

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    What file system are you using?
    What XP version, pro or home?
    What do you mean by DOS mode?
    What does diskmanagement say?

    There should be no need to use anything else than the Windows XP cd, no win98 or win2k boot disks.
  6. eminem910

    eminem910 Guest know what i noticed..the xp recovery better than the bootdisk dos mode..=)... that might have solved my problem... i think the file system is ntfs.. using xp pro i believe... and by dos mode i mean the command prompt.. dunno anything about disk management...=\
  7. eminem910

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    ah heck..i wanted to copy files... from the 6 gig my bigger drive..and then format the 6 gig drive.. apparently its not that easy.. i type "copy "my documents and settings/*/my documents" c:\" but i get access denied... bah..there has to be an easier way! someone please help.... been having no pc for 3 pc atleast with all my music...=)
  8. Indomidable

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    xcopy is the command you want. Use the switches /e /v /q /h /o
    example xcopy d:\mymusic\*.* /e /v /q /h /o

    Copy is a very limited command and cannot create directories (I could go on about it's limitations)
    del is very limited too.
    deltree is the more advanced ver of del.

    1. get into the drive (typing in D: or whichever drive) you want to copy to (using winxp boot cd/recovery consol)
    2. use the xcopy with the switches
    3. That should do it.
  9. eminem910

    eminem910 Guest

    apparently i was able to use my winxp cd.. yay..