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    Hey! Does anyone know if its possible to re-format my Drive C:\ ??
    I can't figure out how to do it with XP...

    I want to do a fresh install of Windows XP on a formatted drive. (ie: C:\)

    Thanks for your help!

  2. waddy

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    Im guessing the drive is Formatted in NTFS ..... if you have multiple partitions or one this works fine .....

    Boot from XP boot Floppies or CD....

    When it comes to the part Choose which partition to put it on ...

    If c: has the old XP install choose to remove/Delete the C: partition

    Then chooose c: to install on and it will say to format into FAT32 or NTFS

    Now you have a fresh install......

    So basically delete C: partition.. format it .. install all useing XP cd

    or if you only have one partition on the Hard drive , you can throw a 98 boot floppy in and FDISK the drive ... delete the partiton , make another , make it active , format it .. then in install XP
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    This might be a little late but, i hope it helps in the future.

    Put win xp cd in drive. Restart. System will say hit any key to bood from cd. Hit Key. Blue screen will pop up what with options to enter setup or go to the recovery console. You will hit R to go to recovery console then follow the instructions. You will most likely press the number 1 then enter to select the drive you want to use. Then it will ask you for your admin password. If you had one use it if not just hit enter. Then type format c: it then will tell you that all data will be deleted are you sure you want to do this. Hit Y then Enter. You are done..Now Formating.

    hope this helps.
    after the format you will boot from cd again and go to setup. be sure to pick your file type fat32 or ntsf.
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    Which is better? NTSF or FAT32?
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    NTFS is more reliable and more security (win2k/xp)
    but if ur gonna put 9x on leave it on FAT32, cause it cant read NTFS partition, or jus make a seperate partition for it
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    Heres what microsoft had to say..

    Use FAT32 if your hard drive is smaller than 32GB.

    Use FAT32 if you want to install more than one OS on your computer.

    Use NTFS if your hard drive is larger than 32GB and you are running only one OS on your computer. Use if you want enhanced file security, and if you need better disk compression.

    *if your not sure what file system to use keep the one that your computer defaults to during setup.
    Remmember the conversion to NTFS is oneway only if you convert your FAT or FAT32 file system to NTFS you cant convert your drive back later unless you want to loose all your data.

    Hope this helped.
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    Thanks for all your suggestions!

    :D :D :D