formating active drive.....

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by banter, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. banter

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    HI, i am tring to format my main hard drive and don't know much about formatting so could someone please give me instructions ( please keep it simple ) on how to do it ..

  2. [CpK]Bastid

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    stick winxp cd in cdrom reboot

    oh yea an change boot order
    cdrom before hdd
  3. allan

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    Either use a Win 98 boot disk and format from the command prompt or do as the above post suggests:

    1) Insert the Win XP cd in the drive
    2) Go into BIOS and put the CD at the top of the boot order
    3) Reboot - you'll be given the option of formatting before installing
    4) Install
    5) When done, remember to change the boot order back.
  4. sparky

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    whoah.if you turn back to the original boot it will probably be the floppy .you want to boot from the hard drive (fastest ,once you have installed windows mind,then the cd rom then whatever the third boot device might be probably the floppy)but the first post is correct boot from the cd and follow the instructions ,you can then format and partition from the cd to your hearts content:D
  5. allan

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    Aside from the fact I don't know where you got "original boot" from, it is always preferable to have the floppy at the top of the chain (even though I never suggested that before this post). The system will only take a couple of seconds to look for the floppy before going to the HD, and if you ever need to short-circuit the hd boot the easiest way is to insert a bootable floppy.
  6. sparky

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    you are right to say this but if the guy doesnt really know much about formatting the last thing he wants to do is boot into dos with a windows 98 disk and format/f disk etc thats much too tricky for a novice the easiest way is to boot foom the cd rom and follow the instructions.the fastest way to boot to xp is with the hdd, a bootable floppy huh! if he wants just leave the cd rom as the first boot and boot from that if he gets any problems why oh why would he want to boot from the floppy thats so old . i admit that it still has some uses but this is xp which doesnt have dos and he really doesnt need five bootable floppy disks:cool:
  7. allan

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    1) The cammand to format from a Win98 boot disk is format c: (assuming you want to forma the c: drive)

    2) You never go near fdisk to format assuming the disk is already partitioned - and clearly his is.

    Too tricky?
  8. sparky

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    like he says hehe doesnt know much about formatting .it may be alright for the likes of you ........ but if hes never been near a dos screen....!!!!!! but then again were only here to offer advice and i wouldnt do it that way so its really six and three twos isnt it:D