Ford and God

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    Ford and God

    Henry Ford died and went to heaven. At the gates, an angel told Ford, "Well, you've been such a good guy and your invention-the assembly line-changed the world. As a reward, you can hangout with anyone you want to in Heaven."

    Ford thinks about it and says, "I want to hang out with God Himself."
    The be-feathered fellow at the Gates took Ford to the Throne Room and introduced him to God. Ford then asked God, "Hey, aren't you the inventor of Woman?"

    God said, "Ah, yes."

    "Well," said Ford, "you have some major design flaws in your

    1. there's too much front end protrusion

    2. it chatters at high speeds

    3. maintenance is very costly

    4. it constantly needs repainting and refinishing

    5. it is out of commission 5 or 6 of every 28 days

    6. the rear end wobbles too much, and

    7. The intake is placed too close to the exhaust."

    "Hmmm," replied God, "hold on." God went to the Celestial
    Supercomputer, typed in a few keystrokes, and waited for the results. The computer printed out a slip of paper.

    "It may be that my invention is flawed," God replied to Henry
    Ford, "but according to statistics, more men are riding my invention than yours!"
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    Ooooh that's good. :p
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    I dunno maybe "mine" is defective I seem to ride the car alot more then my gf....:confused:
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    :D Couldn't help but forward that one to a few friends. Great!
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    good one :p