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    According to New Scientist, Philips has filed a patent for technology to force viewers to watch the ads in a program. Basically they plan to add extra flags to the Multimedia Home Platform that would stop controls from working until the ads are finished." From the article: "Philips' patent acknowledges that this may be 'greatly resented by viewers' who could initially think their equipment has gone wrong. So it suggests the new system could throw up a warning on screen when it is enforcing advert viewing. The patent also suggests that the system could offer viewers the chance to pay a fee interactively to go back to skipping adverts."

    New Patent by Philips

    I guess its this or Popups by Microsoft for your TV

    New paten by Microsoft
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    a fee to not have adverts? Hmmm i smell a tv licence fee type situation brewing,

    Its a stupid idea, comepltey fracking stupid. Stoping people changing channels will never be allowed
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    It shows up Sky to be the rip-off that it is, when they charge to view AND still have adverts!