for those who know who Opie and Anthony are...

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  1. anyone else miss this afternoon drive silliness that helped break up your day?

    here are thier last words an the air that friday, those that know them know what quote it was.....

    O & A' s last words

    hope they come back somewhere........ maybe XM where the FCC doesn't control, like direct tv cable for the radio
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    the reason for their being taken off the air was a stunt where they INVITED people to have sex in public places... the stunt in question was in a cathedral where the perpetrators were arrested...

    it was unlawful and they encouraged it...

    I am all for freedom of speech and all but that was purely a dumb stunt...

    if they do come on the air again and continue to pursue stunts that will get others arrested is that appropriate?

    I listen to 2-3 shows in the tampa area and they all involve some dumb stunts such as topless weddings blah blah blah... BUT they are held in appropriate places... encouraging people to have sex in a cathedral though funny to some (incl. me) is unlawful to say the least... utter lack of class/respect...

    if they do come back in a place like japan or something... a ok... but if the sponsor has to write off the legal charges that the duo incur with their 'stunts' are they worth it?
  3. i know why they got kicked off and all, thats not what i asked.

    i didn't say that i agreed with all that they do just that alot was funny and i miss listening it to it while working each afternoon cause theres absolutely nothing else with listening to at that time.
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    I never listened to them. But, I heard it talked about a lot on Stern and some local talk stations here in FL. These jocks and their stunts. :rolleyes:
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    They will be back just have to wait for this whole mess to blow over.
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    Serves them right for getting fired.
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    Oh, my God, people still listen to commercial radio???