For those of you want to complain about AOL

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Syedur, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. Syedur

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    If you hate AOL... here the change to tell it to the world... and give a specific feature about AOL that you if you can :)

    Here is mine...

    Have you ever read those posts and those AOL corporate owners saying they want to take action against spammers and they are doing all they can...?
    To me... thats bunch of BS...
    Cause I think AOL is the biggest spammer there is...
    Everytime you install any AOL related products (sometimes even products that unrelated to AOL...) you get a icon on your desktop (if not more), on your program list, on your my computer, on your favorites, and on your quick lunch menu and every f***** places that they can think of... the icon.. thats said... "Make money by signning on a friend" or whatever...
    I have to go and delete that everytime I installed anything that is related to AOL..
    And now that Netscape and Winamp are owned by AOL... they do the same thing... I mean... I don't even get an option to either remove or add those icons sometimes during installations.
    That pisses me off the most....

    Thats all the complains I am going to do about AOL for today...
  2. Timuwine

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    I totally agree

    AOL totally sucks monkey balls.
    Everytime I install something I get AOL shortcuts all over the place.
    Those F***ing bastards are the biggest spammers out there.
  3. jrcairo

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    spammers??? what about hotmail??? I dont think is anything worse than hotmail!!!!
    But AOL also sucks!!!!
  4. Timuwine

    Timuwine Guest


    Yeah Hotmail e-mail sucks too.
    I get more mail from spammers than I do my friends.
    But to stay on subject AOL still sucks a$$.
  5. laptop

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    Drop AOL and eliminate a lot of problems. I had them for a short time period and it took me an average of 45 minutes to get online and once I was online they'd boot me off all the time.

    Then I couldn't use I.E. as their software seemed to hijack it. Then to open attachments, what
    a pain to "decompress" them.

    AOL can go belly up for all I care, and for the money they
    charge you can get a real ISP. :D