for sale, full modded acrylic pc case setup

Discussion in 'Garage Sale' started by forcer, Jul 25, 2004.

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    Acrylic PC Case = £40
    - this case is 100% acrylic
    - 4 cd drive bays
    - 2 floppy bays
    - 6 hdd slots
    - usb and audio on the front
    - 5 fan slots/holes with grills
    - 5 led fans attached(1xfront, 1xback, 1xtop, 2xside)
    - 2 vent holes

    30cm Green Neon = £10

    30cm Optional Sound Reactivr Blue Neon £15
    - Needs a PCI slot for control panel
    - Can be constant or sound reactive with the provided speaker
    - Other neons can be controlled from this panel

    Extra LED Fan Quiet = £5

    300Watt Powersupply = £15

    Rounded Cables = £15
    - 2 See through(with silver) IDE cables
    - 1 Black floppy cable

    Ultra Violet Lazer LED = £5


    please note, the prices may seem high? but all together i have invested ALOT more money in it than i will be getting out of it, and nothing here is more than 2 weeks old so everything is practically brand new and boxed!


    These items can be bought seperate, or as a whole(preffered) if you buy the lot i'll send it
    with free P+P if you do want them seperate then we'll sort p+p out when i contact you.

    Everything here comes to £105.

    you can have the lot for £100 with free p+p

    email: mike [at] forcer [dot] org <also on msn