for my homies in Toronto

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by dotbatman, Jan 24, 2002.

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    if anyone lives in Toronto, and you want a Geforce 2 with 64 MB (not DDR, sorry), check out a store in Etobicoke where the guy has them for $129.00. If yer interested, write back, I just have to check the name of the store again. I sadly cannot buy one, as I am unemployed at the moment (no, I am not going to get a free one out of this), but he says he can get them in for that price in some quantity.

    i'm gonna double check, but i think that's the best price i've seen.

    (of course, if you know one cheaper, please let me know!)

    the tech support part is i think it would help a lot of people like me that still struggle with their miserable TNT2.
  2. existenz

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    where's this store?
  3. dotbatman

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    do you know where Six Points Plaza is? If you're facing North from Six Points, it is across the street and to the left, "something electronics".
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    awesome! I'm gonna go there after exams...etobicoke like half an hour away tho....kinda far...anyone else here from TOronto? i noticed that about 2-3% of people I meet online live in Toronto, which is a really really high number...
  5. dotbatman

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    i'll be going by there this afternoon, so I'll get the name. That way you can call before you make the trip. I only saw one on the shelf, so maybe if you call you can make sure he has one there for you. Like I say, he said he could get more in for that price.

    I did some checking around, and the only other place I found that had a price that good was Futureshop, but it was AFTER a mail-in rebate of $50...I hate mail-in-rebates!


    the store is called, go figure, Six Points Electronics. The number is 233-1331

    while you're in the area, make sure you grab a burger at Apache, they're the best on the planet!
  6. existenz

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    lol. that's too uptown for me :p