floppy turns on everytime

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by renakuajo, May 9, 2002.

  1. renakuajo

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    everytime i click on any folder or drive the light of the floppy turns on....if i click on explorer same thing any idea???
  2. TuMbRaS

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    probably not an issue, but coincidental because something very similar just occured here at work...

    have you checked to see if your path environment includes the a:\ drive everytime it seeks to launch an executable file???

    ...ahh..never mind..that probably is not it..i just checked on my pc here at work.... purposely changed my path variable to look to the a drive first... didnt light up at all....

    what about a setting within your bios?? did you recently make any changes to it??

    other than that..im going to have to do some research on this..i just genuinely dont know... if anyone else has the answer.....chime in please...

    good luck..and post with outcome..

    ~n :D
  3. Chojin Locke

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    Try Setting the Service called Shell Hardware Detection to Automatic. I had the same thing happening to me, after enabling that service it stopped doing it.
  4. renakuajo

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    Chojin Locke

    thanks dude that was it!!!