Floppy/DVD/CDROM Problems on XP

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ninespeeed, Feb 16, 2002.

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    I was having some minor problems with my XP Pro. I ran a repair off the CD and it fixed everything. Now I cannot get the Floppy/CDROM or DVD to recognize any data disks. The CDROM and DVD both play music fine but when I load a data CD nothing happens, even when I do RUN, it says ":\is not acccessible. Incorrect function". If I put the data CD in and reboot the CD is readable as long as I do not remove it. the Device Manager says "this device is working properly" for all of them. Any ideas on this one.

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    No, any CD I put in will not work, but they all work on my Win2K partition. I will try the fixes and let you know.

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    I've had this problem a few times and it always seems to be InCD, which is a program that runs along side Nero. It's something to do with the fact that the version of InCD you are running isn't compatible with windows XP. This fault has usually occured when I've installed updates from Windows, but last week it was caused by installing faulty RAM into my pc. Basically I uninstalled InCD (and Nero to be safe), re-installed Nero and then downloaded the most recent version of InCD. It seems to have fixed the fault, although my floppy drive isn't showing up in My Computer.
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