Floppy Drive not Reconised

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by teddie_14, Dec 25, 2002.

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    Hi, can any one help! I have just built a PC, & initially installed W98se to which I have installed XP Pro upgrade. Now the Floppy Drive is not reconised by XP.
    Help greatly appreciated as its doin me in.


    Athlon 1.2mhz
    maxtor 20gb hdd
    Aureal sound
    128 ddr Ram
    cd rom liteon
    cdrw liteon
    FIC AN11 Mobo
  2. why would you, starting from scratch, load 98 first? that can create a mess in itself :eek:
    alot think the first has to be already installed, even with an upgrade copy you can do a fresh install, then file structure, drivers and ntfs can all be correct and in place. on load it will ask to see another disk (98, Me, NT, 2k, etc), spin it up to make sure its OK, then go about its way just like a full version. most everything Microsoft makes does this, including , say, office..

    did the floppy work just fine before? is there xp drivers, say for the motherboard chipset and the likes that now need to be installed?
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    Hi Spikemic,

    Thanks it worked, did fresh install using xp upgrade.

    Cheers Stew.:)