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    Two fleas that live in Maine, vacation in Florida every summer.
    One summer the first flea arrives shaking and shivering.
    The second flea asks "Why are you so cold"?
    The first flea says "Because I just rode down here on the moustache of a guy on a motorcycle".
    The second flea replies "That’s no way to travel, what you do is, go to the airport and get a little drunk. Then you crawl up the leg of a hot flight attendant and go to sleep. When you wake up you'll be here nice and warm.

    So the next summer the first flea arrives cold, shivering, and shaking.
    The second flea asks "What’s wrong didn't you take my advice?"
    The first flea answers I did what you said to, then the next thing I know I'm riding down here on the moustache of a guy on a motorcycle"
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    the year 2525
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