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  1. Bman

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    I heard that flatpanels are really crappy if your a person who plays games and and crap !

    Is it true, are they crap for games ???
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    Don't know about that but they will certainly let people see the dust on the desktop. :eek:
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    If you can spend big buck.. it's very good.. generally they are good... you are talking about LCD right?? or those Flat screen CRT? If you are talking about LCD then you won't regret buying it... it's a lot sharper and clearer...
  4. I used a 15" samsung TFT for playing RtCW a few months back. The image clarity is a lot better than my aging 17" gateway vivatron but as soon as you start running around shooting people the slower monitor refresh becomes apparent and the image is always slightly blurred.
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    wont ever go back to crts:)
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    love them wouldn't touch a crt again, except every other computer that i work on has one
  7. Sazar

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    a GOOD CRT will always be better for gaming than a GOOD lcd monitor..

    main reasons being resolution/dot pitch/refresh rates...

    also the prices are important..

    new LCD monitors are good... but what size before you can go 1600x1200? its ridiculous to pay THAT much money for a 19 inch LCD monitor when you can get an excellent CRT monitor for a fraction the price..

    now remmeber I am only saying this for gaming..

    at my workplace I work on 1 17 and 1 15 in LCD and I love the 2 displays... KDS is the larger and is shyte compared to my viewsonic 15incher :)

    however for gaming there is no substitute...
  8. Taurus

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    exactly. LCD's aren't good for gaming because they have a slow response time... that is, how long it takes for a pixel to change from one color to another... usually around 20ms. a CRT of any kind does this almost instantaneously and is much better for games where reaction time is important.

    if you play a game or even watch an action-oriented movie (with fast scenes), you'll notice a general blur when things move fast. getting a good, flat 19" CRT for around $300 is much better than getting a cheap 15" LCD if you play games. i'll buy an LCD the day they get response times less than 5ms.. which might be in a few years. until then, flat CRT is the way to go, imo.

    if you just do office-type stuff on your comp, then an LCD is good... sharper picture, smaller footprint, and uses less power. their color accuracy isn't very good for graphic artists, though.