FlashSpring Pro v2.0.1 Free Today

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  1. Lee

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    First off all it would cost you $199 for a registration key, today will cost you nothing. :D

    What is it?

    [​IMG]FlashSpring Pro 2.0 is an amazing PowerPoint add-in for easy, fast and high quality conversion of PowerPoint presentations into Flash format. With FlashSpring you can make your bulky PowerPoint presentations compact, accessible and easily distributable through the Web or E-mail.
    FlashSpring Pro 2.0 supports 180+ PowerPoint animation effects, all slide transitions and perfectly converts audio, video and Flash files of your presentation.
    Now students and teachers can easily create high quality and web-friendly e-learning content for their study and work. Thanks to FlashSpring Pro 2.0 any PowerPoint user can be a creator of web-ready Flash banners and presentations for efficient marketing campaigns on the Internet.
    FlashSpring features

    PowerPoint Animations and Transitions
    Multimedia support
    • Sounds
    • Video clips
    • Flash movies
    Conversion of PowerPoint objects
    • Vector shapes
    • Images
    • Texts
    • Action buttons and hyperlinks
    Attractive Flash-based player
    • Customizable color schemes
    • Slide navigation using mouse and keyboard
    • Viewing of slide thumbnails, outline and notes
    • Presenter information
    Various publish destinations
    • Local folder at My computer
    • Remote FTP server
    • E-mail recipient
    Various Flash output formats
    • Solid Flash file in SWF or EXE format
    • Set of Flash slides
    Flash movie tuning
    Source & Download
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  2. sergeysid

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    Thank you, Lee!

    If you ever need help or have questions about FlashSpring, feel free to ask.

    By the way, i'm from FlashSpring company :)
  3. Lee

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    It's mustard sergeysid.

    Your website design is great!
  4. NetRyder

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    Thanks, Lee. I got it this morning.
    Looks like something that could potentially be useful to me sometime down the line. :)
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    Oh no! I missed it! This is one I really wanted too! :(