Flashing BIOS - How to make Bootable DOS CD

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by avsdotcom, Jan 24, 2002.

  1. avsdotcom

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    Hi all ! New to these boards, wondered if anyone knows if it is possible to make a bootable DOS CD for flashing the BIOS of my mobo (Epox 8KHA+).
    The manual says the DOS disk should have NO device drivers or other programmes on it.
    So apart from the new BIOS files, what else do I need to put on it? And I presume that it will be fine on a CD, as long as I change to boot from CD in BIOS. Any help really appreciated, thanx.


    AthlonXP 1700+
    256MB DDR
    Epox 8KHA+
    GeFrorce 3Ti500
  2. Lonman

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    It looks like your newest bios 'bin' file is '8khi2108.bin.' You'll need that and the flash utility 'Awdflash.exe' on the disk. Here are detailed instructions for flashing your bios using a regular diskette:

    Procedure to update BIOS using AWARD BIOS flash utility Awdflash.exe

    1) Create a clean bootable floppy diskette using C:\>format a:/s command
    2) copy awdflash.exe utility & the correct BIOS file 8khi2108.bin onto the diskette
    3) Bootup targeted PC using the floppy diskette
    4) At DOS prompt, type A:\>awdflash 8khi2108.bin
    5) The utility will prompt if you wish to retain the current BIOS setting onto a file
    6) Next, the utility will prompt you to confirm whether to flash the BIOS
    7) After BIOS is flashed, the utility will prompt you whether to reset <F1> or exit <ESC> the utility.

    I've never flashed using a CD before. I don't see why it wouldn't work. When you're done, post back so we know it went ok.
  3. avsdotcom

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    Thanks for the info. I had the BIOS update, was just missing the AWDFLASH.EXE (doh!). Not sure how to run it from CD tho - when I go into the Flashing prog, it says 'Could not detect floppy'
    Looks like I'll have to dig out my old floppy drive, thought it was redundant ,but obviously not. I'll let you know how it goes.Cheers.
  4. Bytes Back

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    The award flash program will try to backup your bios, hows it going to write to a CD ?
  5. avsdotcom

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    Well, everything went well, but I could only get it to run from floppy, not from CD. And not for lack of trying either, lol. Thanks again for the info, and if I do get it to run from CD I'll let you know. Unless anyone knows a definitive way of doing it, that is.
  6. MiseryQ

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    I got into a heated debate on this subject on another site...

    I do'nt think it can be done... In order to flash the bios you have to boot with no drivers... In oreder to use a cd the cd drivers has to be installed...

  7. Bytes Back

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    Intrestingly enough the live update software on the ASUS website flashes your BIOS from within windows :eek:
  8. MiseryQ

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    Good point...

    I done that to both my Giga-Byte and Msi...

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    if using a cd to flash your bios do this
    by burning the bootable floppy on to
    the cd and make a autoexec.bat with the command:
    A:\AWFL789 ********.*** /SN /PY /CC /R /LD

    where ** is the versionnr of the bios
    it won't ask to backup your bios.