Flashget, Net Transport or Stardownloader

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by NotBold_Fortune, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Flashget, Net Transport or Stardownloader

    Is anyone familiar with the above download accelerators?

    I was wondering if either of them can help with speeding up downloads from Kazaa. If they can, I sure can't figure out how to set them up to. Do you know how?

    I'm on a 56k Dialup connection, and would like a little help with speeding up Kazaa downloads.

    Thanks. :)
  2. Vector_One

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    Unfortunately, you can't use a download manager with Kazaa, Bold. They only work for regular web downloads.

    If you want to optimize your Kazaa downloading, use Kazaa Lite instead of the regular Kazaa software. Kazaa Lite has all kinds of tweaks for speeding things up.
  3. LOL. (Now he tells me.) Where were you over there, buddy? Been trying to get an answer over there for like forever.
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    Hey, it's sunday. And if my math is correct:

    November + Sunday = Football

  5. You have football. We have the Chargers. LOL

    Anyway, Flute sure is playing a good game today.
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    Nice ta see ya here once't in a while Bold!

    Jan :)
  7. :) Been awhile since I've been here.

    Still wish someone could fix my name to Bold_Fortune.
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    Have you asked Jewelzz?
  9. Yes...but she still won't go out with me.

    Oh, you me about my name.

    I asked everybody a long time ago.
  10. What happened was, when I first joined sometime back, I registered as Bold_Fortune...but Cox Cable had just changed my e-mail address to "@cox.net"...from "@cox.com". Well, I forgot, and entered @cox.net on my registration.

    So then, I can't log in with Bold_Fortune, because they tell me that name is taken. So now I'm NotBold_Fortune, just a bad simile.
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    Ohhh ...ok. We'll have to look into it. (All I can do is ask.) :)
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    new york
    ask electronic punk in a pm..

    good to see you bold
  13. LOL. I did that a year and a half ago. No response.
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    I jus asked Jewelzz in a pm. And I asked if I should go to EP. I figure one step atta time. :p
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  16. Oh, EP=Electronic Punk. LOL
  17. I was trying to figure out what EP.1 was.
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    NotBold_Fortune, or Bold if I may be so bold... :)

    Try this app. Share Monkey Speedup It is a great companion proggie
    to KaZaA or KaZaA Lite. It forces KaZaA to search for more sources
    more often, and can sometimes make a big difference.

    (remove the space... didn't want to hotlink)

    h ttp://www.zope.org.uk/sharemonkey/software/sharemonkey_speedup_setup.exe
  19. Thanks, XPletive. I'll give it a shot.
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    I've looked and there is no Bold_Fortune registered :shrug: Just say the word and I'll change NotBold_Fortune to Bold_Fortune :)