Flash MX available for download

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zman, Mar 12, 2002.

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    just spotted this -


    Macromedia Flash MX is the fastest way to create rich Internet content and applications with a better return on investment. Powerful video, multimedia and application development features allow the creation of rich user interfaces, online advertising, eLearning courses and enterprise application front-ends. Deploy consistently to over 414 million Internet users across all major platforms and devices with the leading rich client, Macromedia Flash Player.
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    The Macromedia Flash MX trial is currently unavailable. Sign up for early bird notification and we will e-mail you once the Macromedia Flash MX trial becomes available.


    http://www.fyms.com/jooyu/down/flashmx.exe (46 megs)
    From Neowin, who I imagine got it from DJTozz, tho doesn't wanna quote a warez site launch.

    First impressions: very cool indeed, comes with the player 6.
  3. DrX

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    got it now . thanks

    really nice program :)
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    man, i've been using the trial non-stop since eletronic punk gave the link, and this shit rocks!flash player 6 is very cool too.
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    thanks man