Fix for the Cannot open client.dll - Prob and sticky Mouse in CS

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by DoubleClick, Apr 26, 2002.

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    Here are the fixes that worked for both of my computers. Now these fixes may not help your computer so if they don't please don't complain to me :).....i'm just trying to help.

    Found a fix for the Cannot open C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\cstrike\cl_dlls\client.dll - Problem.

    Solution: Remove Halflife and Counterstrike also delete the folders. Then defrag your hard drive then reinstall, also make sure you have the lastest version of Halflife before you install CS.

    I did this on both of my computers that had this problem and now they work fine. Hope this helps

    Also for those having the sticky mouse problem go into confiquration when you start and under audio options uncheck everything except Use EAX Hardware support. This solves my sticky mouse problem which i also had happen on both of my computers. Also run HL.exe in Windows ME mode.
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    actually, the client dll problem you are referring to means that the server side is not compatible with the version you are using. this is turn means that you are running a completely different version than the server. i had that problems a lot yesterday, but its understandable because with the release of 1.4 a lot of servers were not updated yet. although you may have been using 1.4, the server you were trying to connect to probably was 1.3 still.

    also, i originally had the sticky mouse problem also. however, the eax is not a problem for me. win xp uses an acceleration for its mice, all i had to do was disable mouse acceleration before starting up counter-strike. to do this, all you do is add "-nomouseaccel" to the command line for CS, without the quotes of course.
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    Wrong the Client dll problem was happening when I was trying to create a new lan game. I hadn't even tried to connect to a server of any kind. Lots of people had the same problem and a reinstall after a defrag helped fix it.

    Seems weird I know but it works, I'm on a Satilite Internet connection and gaming online is a failure due to a high ping time. I had this problem when trying to create a new lan game before any other computer on the LAN tried to connect. I had the same problem on both of my computers and the reinstall after defrag fixed it.

    The sticky mouse problem I think almost everyone had. It would only happen when I got in closed areas like hallways, rooms. Seemed like when the footsteps got louder my mouse got sticky, so i disabled everything except USE EAX Hardware support and it works fine now.

    Funny how everyone has a different solution to these problems :)
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    isnt that the truth? hahaha
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    i will give the sticky mouse thing a try
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    hmmm, so far so good for me...cheers for tips :D
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    another way is to go into dxdiag.exe under the run bar, and disable hardware sound accel

    but thats more of a soundcard problem
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    In the CS though it will not let u load a game anymore if u remove sound acceleration. It just crashes it! :confused: