Fishing in the Pacific NorthWest

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  1. mlakrid

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    Hello everyone,

    I went fishing with my father and two of his friends...

    Here is what we caught:

    ME and my two fish:

    You probably cant tell but the larger of the two is 13.5 #'s and theother was a respectable 8.5 #'s.

    And here is my fathers steelhead:
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  2. ray_gillespie

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    Worcester, UK
    Super impressive! It makes the dogfish I caught off the coast of Cornwall look like a slug in comparison!
  3. RubberChicken

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    looks cool! What type of fish are they?
  4. falconguard

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    Mlakrid, if you ever get up to AK. in the summertime, you can go for some king salmon, now that's some fishing!

    And if you go tell me, I'll meet you there.
  5. mlakrid

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    Why would I goto Alaska if I can go in Washington>?

    LOL :laugh:

    But yes I am planning another trip later in the season...

    For Chinook and Salmon both...

    Steelhead as listed in the first post...

    Bascially a very close relative to rainbow trout... cept they lose their color and become shiny... thus the name...

    Mike A!
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