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    I am running a Dell 1.7 GHz with XP and have had it for just under a year. I was surfing around some FTP sites and saw that Dell has one and got to wondering if there is anything from their FTP site, or any other, that may have useful stuff to keep my computer up to date, moreso that just Windows update of course. Any info would be appreciated
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    Individual hardware components:
    I would find out what you have (nVidia or ATI video, sound card type, etc) and download reference drivers directly from the manufacturers. I have always had good luck with this (with my other old Gateway PC).

    Occasionally visit the makers of the various software titles you have and see if there any patches or updates (preferable free) to download.

    OS updates:
    I would go directly to the Microsoft website for this.

    The DELL ftp may have updates you won't find anywhere else. There may be a motherboard BIOS update or something specific to the configuration you have.
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    Download and install this tool Here it is Aida32 which is a great tool and will tell you exactly what you have inside your pc.....then you can download any updated files for your hard/software.