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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by the_music_man, May 1, 2003.

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    Hi i want to get a firewire card so i can edit stuff with my camcorder. I was reading something and someone said try to go for a card with a TI OHCI chipset because he said if you get those cheap cards they will make the movies worser quality when transfering from the camcorder. what do you suggest? OH and also does anyone know if the firewire port on the ATI Radeon 8500 (ALIW) card is good?
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    As I recall the firewire card I have came bundled with some software *tries to remember*... not sure but I think it was with one of those dv suites. My point is that if you go out and get one of those bundles the software is typically pretty good and the card too ;)

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    The firewire port on the ATi cards should be great.

    If you already have a good video card, and just need firewire ports, you might want to check out the cards from Dazzle. I bought a Dazzle DV Editor SE pack for my desktop. Works great :)
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    well i bought a firewire card for my friend a non brand one for less than 25 bucks and its great. plug and play. no needed drivers, not hassle, no problems, and it keeps a low profile, which means it doesnt suck up energy.
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    Pinnacle package - software & firewire card worked good for my Mini DV.

    If your camcorder does not have DV - IN enabled, you can get a "WIDGET" from Datavision which allows you to transfer video back on to camcorder from PC at no (perceptible) loss.