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    Talking of firewalls I have Black Ice Defender which is working OK'ish Deep in the nether parts of control panel/Network I see an item called 1394 CONNECTION any of you knowledgeable guys out there can tell me what this is and will it work, or conflict with BI


    ps the ish means that although I have black Ice working I have an ongoing with their support about start-up
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    1394 connection is a name for a firewire connection for devices working with lots more data - like camcorders, DVD players and digital audio equipment.

    So they are all local and will not affect your Firewall at all.

    About : The high-speed serial connection of IEEE 1394a carries up to 400M bps; the forthcoming 1394b will deliver 3,200M bps over either a 4.5-meter cable or a 100-meter optical-fiber connection. Unlike Universal Serial Bus, with its high dependence on the central processing unit, IEEE 1394 is a peer-to-peer bus for up to 63 intelligent devices. And the chip set adds only $5 to the cost of a piece of gear.
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    instant reply

    Thanks Doc