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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by contender, Feb 21, 2003.

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    i have been trying serveral firewalls and there are few that i actually like.

    i really like aqnitum's firewall as it grabs an ip and allows you to quickly view it before any connection is made inbound or outbound along with its other features plus you can really customize the ruleset. i also am very interested in sygate and its ability to stealth OS and Browser info.

    does using more than one firewall together actually worse or better?

    also i use a linksys router with built in NAT, i am kinda new at some of this, but is there a way to hide my IP i get from my ISP as the router seems to only hide my internal IP(my pc/network) i know if you hide the ISP IP you are basically hiding the number it needs to communicate back and forth from the internet to my ISP to me and so forth.

    i know however there must be a way, cuz like i said with agnitum's firewall i can grab a persons IP before i even allow communication, but it shows at times an IP usually associcated with a router or proxy such as 192.168.. addresses so this i am wondering is there a way i can do the same and if so how?
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    Both good firewalls, outpost will be much improved in the 2nd version.

    Using more than one firewall does not increase your security. It will probably cause more problems.

    No you can not hide your IP from your ISP period. They are afterall the ones who assigned you that IP and you connect to there systems.

    You can hide you IP from websites using a proxy, of which there are differant types which i wont go into cus it was not your question :)

    Simple answer no you cant hide your IP from the ISP and also no the router does not hide the internal IP it can still be determined by a remote host but is of no use to them! I have proof of concept for this but cant find the site right now so you will have to take my word for it it can be done but is not really a risk.

    Use google for info about proxy servers and privacy tools that may "mask" but not hide your IP.