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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by HellyHans, May 8, 2002.

  1. HellyHans

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    Ok, well I'am using Zonealarm, should I use ICF ( Internet Connectino Firewall ) that came with XP with my ZA ? or disable it and use just ZA?


  2. leonlai

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    dont use ICF Zone Alarm is better of the two but i like BlackICE defender
  3. TuMbRaS

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    keep in mind.... WIN XP's ICF DOES NOT MANAGE OUTBOUND only manages INCOMING connections... so, as a stand alone option... i would not soley rely upon that... not only that..i thought i read somewhere that there was this "Tweaking" issue with XP's ICF and bandwith... i could be wrong..but im pretty sure there was something else about ICF that wasnt too good..

    i think ZA or any other 3rd party firewall should suit you fine...AND control incoming/outcoming connection attempts...

    nothing of course is fool proof..but then again... like the rest of us.. unless you are bill gate$ or someone like that.. no hackers, etc.. will ever have a desire to bother with you as an individual as there are far more exciting sites to penetrate....... not only that... if properly configured... firewalls should stall most would be hacker attempts, enough so that they move on to more opportunistic sites...

    anyway...thats my 10 cents....for what its

  4. pappcam

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    I use ICF in conjunction with Norton AV and Adaware.
    I tried using Norton Internet Security and Zonealarm
    and I had problems with both. They're both resource hogs too.
    I have ICF And Norton AV running in the background and
    every few days I scan with Adaware to get rid of spyware.
    It keeps my computer clean and is pretty maintenance free.
  5. Sacramanther

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    zone alarm is suposed to be one of the best firewalls avaliable. or so says this guy
    and hes a computer security guru so im taking his word for it. hes tested a few firewalls and says that blackice and norton firewalls arent very effective.

    OH he also has programs and web pages to test your computers security.