Firewall on Windows2000 Server

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Rootz, Jan 5, 2003.

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    People often ask me about some firewall software to protect their servers (Windows2000).
    I usually set up routers with IP filters... I mean REAL hardware firewalls, I avoid using firewall software on server systems (at this time those customer people complain I want to spill the most money from them).

    I tested some zone alarm pro (brr), sygate... commercial stuff on windows2000 server... apart from not being certified applications for that system, they often screw up services (worse on domain controllers).
    I was wondering... anyone knows a firewall software certified to run on W2k Server? and anybody of you had that running with no hassle?
  2. isa (internet security and acceleration) server 2000, Microsoft's firewall/proxy server......
    run it on mine, works nicely, had no problems

    have it with exchange 2000, and web services and dns all running on an ad domain controller........