Fireburner & Cdrwin problem!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by VasquezPL, Dec 23, 2001.

  1. VasquezPL

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    Hi everybody!
    I have big problem...WHen I want to burn cd images with FB and CDRWIN I recive a message : ASPI buffer is to BIG (!?)
    Can You tell me what I have to do to make these programs running correctly?
    PS. I Used ASPI layer form download section, and from another sources - But all doesn't work..
    THX for help!
  2. MiseryQ

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    Use the wnaspi.dll file that nero comes with... or the one I uploaded to awhile ago, theres a newer version but I don't remember where I got it... And copy it into your system32 folder... that will make both programs work with one copy... you can also copy the file into each of the program folders...
  3. VasquezPL

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    Thx very much!
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  5. VasquezPL

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    Aspi Layer from adaptec causes Critical error (blue screen) with Cdrwin and FB, Nero aspi layer causes message "Aspi buffer is to Big"...
    I need FB to work correct, CloneCD and Nero works well.
  6. MiseryQ

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    I'm getting these posts up... 2 more to go... :D...

    Which version of Fireburner are you using?!? A few months ago I installed some of the "newer" versions and didn't like them... I really don't use FB all that much... I have v2.4 and it works fine...
  7. ZipTriX

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    or you can try ForceASPI. I don't what the difference, BUT I don't have any problems burning a cd with nero, ez cd creator, nero, fireburner, clonecd, cdrwin, easy cd-da extractor, etc.

    Newest version is 4.60. The attachment is current version of ASPI.
  8. VasquezPL

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    Thx--- I will check these Aspi drv's