Finding the corporate print server(s)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by natasrof1, Apr 24, 2002.

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    I work for a large company and was recently pulled in from a remote Field office to the regional administrative office. My problem is I am the administrator of my computer an my company does not like that and if they knew it they would immediatley install their supported OS (NT 4.0) and all their monitoring software. Anyway I lucked out on all the network settings and found the DNS settings, but I can not find the print servers. There are printers all over the office and the one closest to me had an ip address, subnet mask and what I am assuming to be the name on the front of it but I can not find it in my network places, there are four workgroups each with hundreds of computers in them but none matching the name I had for the printer. I tried pinging the printserver and that came back fine, could I use tracert to find out where it is? I also tried to install a network printer in my OS and it asked for the URL or name but not the IP. I've never messed with this before so any help would be appreciated, I wouldn't want to have to call the IT guy or girl.
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    Since you didn't mention the OS your using I'll throw this out there, install MS TCP/IP printing if you havent already (depending on your OS), add a new printer the way you normally would, when asked select my Computer or local printer (again depending on your OS) select the TCP/IP port ( this also depends on the OS you are running) when asked for the printername enter the IP address. As far as the URL option you could also use the IP address. Hope this helps