finally got the HP magic (:

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by epk, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. epk

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    Well.. returning from the nordlands I found a neat surprise on my bed =)

    From the outside it looks really cool.. glossy surfaces, round edges with sharp sides


    There comes a lot of stuff with it... remote, a little notebook, a cleaning cloth. Plus the contest extras, like corel video and the king fu panda dvd :D
    It also has an empty bay in case you wanna remove the cd drive (so its lighter when you travel, or in case you wanna add another HD)
    Also, the cd drive supports lightscribe technology. Haven't tried it yet, but seems cool.


    Comes with vista home premium x64 edition (which makes sense since it has 4gb of ram).
    The rest of the hardware is a 2ghz core 2 duo, p45 mobile chipset with the usual stuff (wifi, hd audio, etc.), a dvd burner and a 320gb hard disk.
    It's cool that it has vga and hdmi, tho it only has 2 usb plugs, which doesn't seem so great.


    She shines when she's on ;)


    I've installed the windows 7 beta. So far it works great, except i can't install the windows live suite (im sure its not the laptop's fault tho).
    The system rating is 4.1, thanks to the onboard graphics. Everything else is around 5.1.
    Pretty impressive for a laptop


    When my dad opened it, he couldn't believe it. It sure is one hell of a machine.
    To HP, Buzz corps, EP and everyone at OSNN... you all rock more than its healthy! =)
    thanks, gracias, takk (or tack or tak) and kiitos =D
  2. fitz

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    Congrats epk!

    Use it well :)
  3. Evil Marge

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    Yay congrats :smoker:
  4. epk

    epk Moderator Political User Folding Team

    thanks guys

    yeah, its gonna be really great for school and when i (or.. if i) travel :)
  5. tdinc

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    Sterling Heights, MICHIGAN
    Good to hear you received it safe and sound. Thats a really nice looking laptop by HP.
    Well done epk :)
  6. Johnny

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    Happy Valley
    Congrats dude. I hope you enjoy it ....
  7. Gigabot

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    Congrats EPK! My sister is deciding on her laptop and we are definitely going with an HP DV3 or HP DV4 depending on whichever one we get a good deal on.

    That's the same way my dad felt when he saw it too! :D
  8. epk

    epk Moderator Political User Folding Team

    thanks you all too

    oh, im sure both will be a great choice gigabot

    hehe :D
  9. Henyman

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    well done :D
  10. greentea

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    Enjoy it.