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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brocher, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. brocher

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    My father wants to upgrade to XP but only has a hard drive of 3.2Gb which does not have enough room for XP installation. It is also running Windows 98 1st edition. He is going to install a 40 or 60 Gb hdd. What is the best way to transfer his old settings and programs to the new drive.(My idea is to install new drive and install XP. Then using the FILES AND SETTINGS TRANSFER WIZARD to transfer his old drive contents to his new drive. Will this work?
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    This is kind of stating the obvious, but will his computer handle xp ok? If the computer is old enough to only have a 3 gig hd and windows 98 first edition, I wonder if it has adequate processing power and/or RAM for xp to even be an upgrade. XP requires a lot of resources (although by disabling things that can be reduced), and if you don't have them you're really crippling the computer. So be sure the results of the upgrade will be satisfactory before you do it!!

    As far as the install goes, I don't want to give any advice because I've never done that in particular. But if you install the new hard drive while windows 98 is still installed, then doing an upgrade from 98->XP should keep everything you want while upgrading. (But if someone has done this before it would be nice if you'd post - I'm no expert on this subject:)
  3. brocher

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    Yes , It will handle XP coz it was upgraded last year ,he just kept his old HDD. I cannot install XP on to the old one as it doesn't have any room.
  4. Hutch

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    Just install Xp upgrade over existing `98,all personal settings and files etc.will remain as is.
    I have done this myself and as stated above,if he has enough resource`s to handl xp then it wont be a problem.
    You said that he upgraded his old machine,dont know what hes done but i would recommend having at least a p3 700,256-512 ram and that all his peripherals are up to date,cause if they are to old he will have trouble finding drivers for them.
    XP is a really nice operating system,if you have an up to date computer,good luck either way.