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  1. hihihi, i have afile a divx file which i never used or i tried to but didnt work, and ima tryin to erase it, when i do it says that close the program that im useing or a program is using it. well i rebooted and when i try to erase it it says the same thing, is there a way i could erase this without going to safe mode, or is safe mode the only way.
  2. go to task manager closer explorer.exe then in task manager go to run>browse . get to the file u want to delete and delete it
    then click cancel to browse and type explorer in run box and click ok
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    yup... another thing you can do is to go to your command prompt and go to the directory and use the del command for the file in question... if you don't know what to do let us know and somoene should be able to help you out with dos commands...

    hope you are succesful...
  4. THANKS THANKS, now i have 300 mb of space free in my hdd, i used mafiafromrussia method but once i get a problem like this ill use sazar99 method to make it fair "LOL"